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The Journey to Become a Certified Human Leader

Certified Human Leader™️ is a modern, digital leadership culture development program, that brings leaders together to learn more about the healthy human concept in leadership. With a better understanding of human behavior, leaders are able to lead people to success. The program focuses on self-reflection and peer learning from other participants. A change in leadership requires both recognizing our own humanity and seeing it in others. As our human concept changes, so does the way we lead. 

The program combines theory at skill level and offers concrete tools to implement new skills into everyday life. During the journey, leaders learn to look at leadership situations through the human concept lenses: what could the understanding of human behavior bring to leadership in different situations.

The Certified Human Leader -program includes an assessment of the current state of human concept of leadership and nine learning modules. Depending on the scope of the selected program, it may also include group discussions and joint workshops. The digital learning modules are built to enhance self-knowledge and reflection. Sharing and reflecting on one's own experiences together with fellow leaders is at the core of the program. Check out a more detailed description of the program below.

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