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Leadership culture and
social responsibility

The importance of social responsibility is growing. In increasing competition in the talent market, the winners are the organizations, that succeed in building a people-first leadership culture, where employees feel, that they are valued. 

Well-being, and diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI = Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) have already been focus for many organizations, that value their employees. The Certified Human Leader development program certifies people leaders and it leads to the opportunity to apply for organization-specific People-First Leadership Culture certification.

Certification is a public acknowledgment of the organization's humane leadership culture, where people are placed at the center of leadership. By certifying your organization, you can showcase humane leadership culture.

A new type of leadership certificate

Show off your humane and  people-centric leadership culture with certification

Personal Certification

CHL program certifies participants as Certifed Human 


Company-Specific Certification

If a sufficient proportion of your organization's leaders are certified, a company-specific People-First Leadership Certification will be granted

Continuous Leadership Development

Leadership development is a process.  We also offer development programs for the entire work community.

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